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Digitain is a leading iGaming providing, offering both white label and turnkey solutions. The omnichannel solution provides mobile, online and land-based gambling options. In fact, Digitain began life as the National Lottery provider in Armenia before evolving into an affiliate company and then eventually the developed of B2B software solutions.

This is a large company, with over 1700 employees and more than 75 partners across the globe. Digitain has a footprint in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. In 2019, it was recognised as the fastest growing platform by BEGE, as well as the Skill Games Supplier of the year by EGR.

Solutions section

Digitain’s iGaming platform offers many solutions, including Turnkey, White Label, Modular API, Retail, Web and Mobile, as well as Sports Marketing. There is a payment gateway integrated into the platform, as well as a CRM. There is also a bonus engine.

Clients of Digitain will enjoy:

  • – dedicated customer support
  • – a flexible front end
  • – licensing
  • – access to over 3000 casino games from a range of the top names in casino gaming.

Ultimately, it is best known for its sportsbook solution, which has won many awards. If you do not want the Turnkey or White Label solutions, you can opt for the modular API, which allows operators with existing online casinos to easily integrate products to their portfolio.


When you choose Digitain, you will get a solution that includes their Casino Engine that will be easy to integrate into a platform, using the company’s API technology. This turnkey solution maintains the technology and the products, so clients can focus on licensing, payment systems, marketing and general management issues. If you have experience in the industry, then the Digitain Turnkey solution is perfect for you. You might argue, that although slower to market, a turnkey solution allows you a realistic timeline for developing your market position.

White label

You may want to open your own online casino. In this case, you need Digitain’s white-label offering. Here the solution allows you to get started quickly, as the product covers licensing, accounting, tech support, general manager as well as a package of products. It is the all integrated platform product – meaning you are entirely ready to go. This option will offer you the fastest route to launch, taking only a matter of a few months. The product is essentially ready-to-use.


Operators will have access to multi-jurisdictional licensing and certification within international regulated markets. The regulatory and compliance team at Digitain works to keep in touch with the complex regulatory landscape and ensure that any changes are communicated to clients, providing necessary support when needed.

The license offered by Digitain includes those from the UK Gambling Commission, which is known as one of the strictest regulators with the industry. The company also provide licenses from Malta, Romania, and Serbia. As a client, you will not be required to obtain a license for those jurisdictions already help by Digitain. If you wish to operate in other jurisdictions, using the Digitain platform and over 3000 games, you will need to apply for the license yourself.

Overall reviews

This is an experienced company that offers many features that would benefit a new or existing casino business. The features offered include player-to-player gaming and a flexible casino bonus engine. The bonus engine will allow the provider to provide free-spins, cash-back, first-deposit bonuses and other loyalty programs.

The flexibility of the API is also a bonus for clients. The solution offers the ability to create individual front ends, as well as personalising modular components. All the games are integrated into one casino lobby, and this lobby can be branded to the clients’ needs. This is not only available on desktop but also on tablet and mobile too – giving a client every chance of succeeding.

The back end is also shaped with a flexible CMS. You will be able to manage and monitor players’ accounts and use the analytics for the best of your business.

With all the features and flexibility, there is a good reason this online provider has become the most-used solution in the sector. However, the operator is more focused at the moment on improving and growing their sportsbook business, which is worth some consideration.

Overall, Digitain has a lot to offer people taking their first steps into the casino sector. They have a lot of experience and can support you to market with more confidence than most. Ultimately, the support with licenses is likely the gold star feature for those getting started in iGaming.

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  • Name: Digitain
  • URL: https://www.digitain.com/
  • Founded: 1999
  • Location: Armenia
  • Licensing: UK, Malta, Romania, Serbia
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